Our company has started its business as a mechanical workshop in the postwar period, when we start to produce articles for various companies in the field of engineering, such as special hoses, molded components for bicycles and motorcycles, tools for the Fiat Company of Turin.

As a result we have become suppliers for the Italian Michelin Spa (of which we are still certified suppliers) and for various companies such Breda Forges Metallurgical Spa, PrecettiĀ  Group Srl in Genoa (embossed panels for ships cabins and others processes), Dayco Europe Spa, Emarc Srl, Wonder Spa.

At the same time we designed and initiated the manufacture of of steel tiles for industrial flooring, which are supplied, up to the present, to various industries in Italy and abroad.

In the ninety we became suppliers of Magnetto Group and other companies in the automotive field.

In the present we have a department for the molds design and costruction , a forming department with presses up to 500 tons., equipped also with automatic feeders; an assembly department with welding and spot welding machines and three tube bending with digital controls up to 60 mm diameter.